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The Junior sailing program aims to induct kids into sailing at an early age and the primary objective is to make them enjoy sailing in a safe environment.  

The Junior Sailing Program of the RBYC comprises (mainly) of the Optimist and Laser class boats. 

The option to enrol into this program is open to member’s kids. Non – Member kids too, can learn how to sail once they sign up for an annual membership designed to make them Junior Sailors under the program.

The Program has dedicated coaches, safety and rescue boats and sailing equipment. The training is conducted over weekends during which the students follow a formal curriculum designed by the YAI (Yachting Association of India). Students who enroll in the program finish various levels (Level 1, 2 3 and Racing Level) and  Certificates are given at the end of each level which are maintained in a formal YAI Log Book.

The Students learn the fundamentals of 

  • Safety
  • Parts of the boat
  • How to Rig ( assemble) the boat on land
  • How to launch the boat into water
  • How to recover the boat in case of any capsize ( which a basic mandatory skill thats taught under supervision)
  • How to sail into different directions of the wind and tides.

Many kids – post basic training opt to take part in sailing regattas ( races) at the club and National Level – which is supported by the club

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