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 Dear Member on Ballot, 

Welcome to our Club! 

The RBYC (established 1846) is the oldest yachting institution in India and amongst the oldest yacht clubs in the world. Our members need to be familiar with the wonderful sport of Sailing, which is the primary objective of the Club. 

Some of you have already sailed before whilst some of you may be novices. 

To make it easier for you, the Club has compiled a pdf file “An Introduction to Safe Sailing”, which is attached herein. 

We recommend that you join the “Learn to Sail” classes which are periodically organised by our Club. These classes are conducted by members who volunteer their time to help grow our fraternity of Sailors in Mumbai. 

Basic Sailing Knowledge: 

Before stepping on to a boat, you should choose an attire appropriate to the time and purpose of your Sail. One needs to protect oneself from the elements. Correct footwear and headgear is important as is Sun protection. Carry enough drinking water. 

Wearing a personal floatation device at all times whilst afloat is recommended for your safety and is a matter of good practice. 

Below mentioned are the general points you need to be familiar with. These points are all covered in the enclosed ‘An Introduction to Safe Sailing’ pdf file. 

1. Recognising the direction of the Wind and the Tidal movement. Tide charts are displayed in the Sailing Room. 

2. Knowing the major parts of the Boat you are Sailing in. 

3. Basic Sailing Terminology. This covers general sailing Jargon…, although we choose not to teach you the “colourful” language used by some Sailors and recommend that you close your ears when getting a mouthful from your “Skipper” in a race for not doing your assigned task well, 

4. Being able to assist in the rigging of a boat. 

5. Assisting the “Skipper” while sailing out of the mooring area. 

6. Understanding the different points of sailing and basic trimming of the sails. 

7. Assisting the “Skipper” while returning to moorings. 

8. Assisting while un-rigging the boat. 

9. Knowing the basic Right of Way Rules and how to sail safely. 

10. Familiarity with Mumbai Harbour – our happy hunting grounds! 

You will all be expected to pass a test before being called for your formal ballot. 

Some of you may pass the test after a few practice sails, whilst others may need to go on the water 10 times or more. In the golden words of Douglas Adams – Don’t Panic! We are here to help. 

Caution: There is a distinct possibility that some of you will get hooked onto this way of life.

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