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The “Learn to sail” Program is an introductory weekend program twice or thrice a year. 

Veteran Sailors of the club volunteer their time and expertise to teach the basics of sailing to members as well as guests. The Program is very popular as it is a stepping stone for many newcomers who are explained the fundamentals of :

  • Safety
  • Parts of the Boat
  • Rigging and Unrigging the boat
  • Concepts of Wind Direction

The Course also covers the 5 Essentials of Sailing

  • Balance – side to side balance. Keeping the boat, starboard and port, level i.e. not letting it tip. …
  • Boat Trim – fore and aft boat pitch. …
  • Sail Setting – setting of sails relative to the wind. …
  • Centreboard – the position of the centreboard. …
  • Course made good – choosing the most appropriate course.
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